Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, New Beginnings Homeschool Christian Academy’s educational program is nationally accredited through the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E) program.

Yes, if your child is able to complete additional paces above the set monthly requirement or work through the summer months and get ahead then yes your child can advance quicker in our educational program. However, additional fees apply. If your child completes two sets of paces each month you will be charged for two sets of paces. For example if your child wants to complete two sets of paces in one month then you will have to pay $85.00 for the first set and an additional $85.00 for the second set, totaling $170.00 per month. If your child is going to work straight through the summer months with one set of paces each month, the monthly cost of tuition will only be the $85.00 a month.